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     Emily Keating is an artist who uses printmaking to tell the story of her life. Her themes range from portraits to organic imagery inspired by her interactions with the natural world. She also enjoys making seamless repeat pattern designs for custom or bespoke home decor.

To make her original linocut designs, Emily begins with a drawing and then carves a version of that image into a piece of linoleum or similar material. The parts that are not carved away are what will print when ink is rolled over the top of the block. She also makes unique works in the monoprint style by altering the ink on a flat plate, often using leaves and flowers from her garden.

Emily has primarily lived in the Northeast region of the United States, but she also spent some years in the San Francisco Bay area and she earned her Associates of Arts Degree in Fine Art: Printmaking in 2004 before moving back east. After starting a family, the experience of being a primary caregiver deepened Emily’s sensitivity to the conflicting forces that everyone faces in life. She seeks balance between being there for her loved ones and nurturing her own creative heart.

In 2019, Emily completed her Bachelor of Arts degree at UMASS Amherst and began her journey as a full time working artist. She believes in the power of art to share beauty, to create awareness of other cultures, and to heal emotional pain.




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